I was commissioned by Felicicleta to create an illustration as part of a calendar project that wiil be released soon.


“Two artists in Sevilla working in the medium of steel, creating useful, beautiful sculptures in the form of tallbikes, citybikes, cruisers, roadbikes, and more.

Through Felicicleta, we’d like to have the opportunity to bring people closer to what we consider to be the most marvellous instrument ever created by humankind, THE BICYCLE.

We want to play an active part in the change produced by the ever-growing use of this form of transportation in Sevilla and all over the world.

We’d like to raise consciousness of the advantages of the use of the bicycle as a form of transportation, and its benefit for cyclists and non-cyclists alike. We’re sharing in the creation of a world in which there is respect and space for all forms of transportation.

We’d like to provide people with a tool that brings health, a method of practical and sustainable transportation, and most importantly, happiness. Life is more fun on two wheels.

Currently, through re-use and recycling, we’re giving new life to old bikes. In the near future we hope to have our own shop space as well as the shop tools and equipment necessary to reach our other goal of creating high quality, artesanal, custom bicycles of any design that we dream of. We’ll also be handcrafting trailers, cargobikes, racks, components and other art that we can realize in steel.”